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Dear Friends & Colleagues,

We cordially invite you to participate in the 16th EUROTAS CONFERENCE in collaboration with the ATP (Association for Transpersonal Psychology) and the ITA (International Transpersonal Association). This event will take place at the Pilot Beach Resort, Georgioupolis on the island of Crete in Greece from 1st to 5th October 2014. The theme for the conference is Metamorphosis: Disintegration, Integration, Conscious Living.

At the core of our transpersonal vision lies the idea of metamorphosis, the ability of individuals, cultures, and organizations to transcend the limited sphere of mind associated with the ego, and to live in ways that incorporate a richer and more interconnected consciousness. Metamorphosis teaches us of the progression through disintegration to reintegration, a lesson of immense importance in our day as systems collapse globally. Transpersonal Psychology brings together the profound lessons from mythic and mystical systems of thought with the rigor of psychological science to address these issues. We are interested in a multi-disciplinary global collaboration that explores the best of research, scholarship, education, and practice having a transpersonal orientation. We invite academics, psychotherapists, educationalists, and other specialists to submit presentations related in the broadest sense to the theme of metamorphosis. We welcome proposals for all appropriate forms of presentation, including research-based papers, workshops, multi-media events.


We invite you to register for the conference as soon as you can to get the conference discount. We also encourage you to book your holiday accommodation BY THE 15th APRIL, in order to secure a room.

Should you want a TAXI SERVICE please let us know, in order to receive a discount.

BOOK YOUR PRE/POST CONFERENCE and make sure you secure a place.

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