There will be two pre conferences:

-     The first pre-conference will take place on  27 -28 September 2014, with Rosemarie Anderson Ph.D. who will offer a workshop on TRANSPERSONAL RESEARCH METHODOLOGY.

-     On 29 and 30 of September there will be a TRANSPERSONAL BREATHWORK workshop with Ingo and Christiane Jahrsetz.


There will be two post conferences:

-    Οn the 6-7 October, METAMORPHOSIS: A JOURNEY OF TRANSFORMATION THROUGH SHAMANIC PRACTICES with Steven Schmitz and Pier Luigi Lattuada.

-    The EUROTAS division of Transpersonal Research (EDTR) will deliver a post workshop on INVITING THE DIVINE FEMININE & MASCULINE INTO OUR LIVES.



Rona Newmark, Ph.D. Giovanna Calabrese, M.D. Ph.D. Regina U Hess, Ph.D. Lindy McMullin, Ph.D. candidate


If you will be attending the pre or post conference, please add the amount to your registration fee when you make your payment, and send us an e-mail to confirm which pre or post conference you will be attending.

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