Lindy S. McMullin Ph.D. candidate


Lindy McMullin first experienced the Transpersonal at a very young age. On a spiritual path, Lindy became an educator and studied psychology, but was not satisfied with the system of labeling. Determined to break free from conventional thinking, she did post-graduate work in Esotericism and moved into Transpersonal Psychology. She is founder and president of SYNTHESIS. Her current Ph.D. dissertation is on Greek Myth & Music in Professional and Transpersonal Development. Lindy is certified in Transpersonal Psychotherapy (EUROTAS) and has developed Quantum Field Therapy, which she uses in private practice.

Marcie Boucouvalas, Ph.D.


Marcie Boucouvalas, Ph.D., editor of the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology (JTP) (since 2002), and previously field editor (since 1982) is Professor at Virginia Tech/National Capital Region. She also serves on the editorial boards of AEQ and Adult Learning and as a manuscript reviewer for a host of journals, including the Journal of Transformative Education. Her research interests focus on international dimensions of individual and societal transformation and consciousness studies, particularly transpersonal development. Her foundational study targeted four levels of transpersonal development: individual, relationships and groups, communities and society, and planetary/cosmic, followed by continuing inquiry into the multi-disciplinary nature of the movement.

Regina Hess, Ph.D.


Regina Hess is an international researcher & speaker. Her emphasis is on Transcultural Research, bridging the Arts & Sciences and Traditional Healing Practices. She has a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Studies (U.S. & UK), is a clinical psychologist (Germany), Body-centered Gestalt psychotherapist, registered nurse, co-founder of the EUROTAS Division of Transpersonal Research (EDTR), and a EUROTAS board member.

Dimitris Livas, Psychiatrist


Dimitris Livas graduated from medical school in 1987 and specialized in Psychiatry, along with training in psychotherapy and group analysis. He has been a board member of various organizations for the promotion of training standards in psychotherapy, and rights for mental patients. His interest in the Transpersonal began during his adolescence, when he started studying different practices and religious theories. Dimitris is a founding member of SYNTHESIS and holds the position of treasurer on the board.

Dorothea Kafkoula, MSc.


Dorothea Kafkoula is a clinical psychologist with twelve years experience in private practice. She has been a member of EUROTAS since 2000, is a member of the Romanian Transpersonal Association (ARPT) and is a board member of SYNTHESIS. She specializes in CBT, Hypnosis, Dream Therapy and NLP. She is a group and individual therapist for the Association of Rumanian Women in Greece, and serves on the board as a founding member. She is active in volunteer work and attends seminars in Greece and abroad. She incorporates the Transpersonal Perspective in her work as a psychotherapist, and uses meditation with her clients.

Panayiotis Merekos, Poet & Artist


Panayiotis Merekos is a poet and artist. From a very young age Panayiotis began to research the human psyche and its relationship with the universe, through Philosophy and different Religious and Mystical Traditions. This theoretical and experiential study led to a deeper study of the sciences, namely Psychology, Physics, Neurology and Biology amongst others, in an endeavor to bridge the gap between Spirituality and Science. Panayiotis is also involved in designing and making jewelry with crystals and metals. He has followed seminars in Personal and Transpersonal Development, Bio-Feedback and N.L.P.

Marilena Avraam Repa, MSc.


Marilena Avraam-Repa is a Psychologist (Panteion University, Athens) specialized in “Creativity Sudies” (Adv. Cert., National Kapodistrian University of Greece), Medical Psychology & Psychosomatics (Specialist Diploma, National Kapodistrian University of Greece) and “Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness Studies” (MSc, University of Northampton, UK). Her main scientific interests include the empirical and theoretical study of “Synchronicity”, “Transpersonal Experiences”, and “Spirituality and Mental Health”. She currently works as a researcher, writer and columnist.

Nikolaos Magalios, B.Sc., B.A.


Nikolaos Magalios is a Personal Development Trainer. He has a bachelor’s degree in Management (1996) and a degree in Psychology (2000). He was trained in EEG Biofeedback by professor of Neurology Dr. J. Faber and psychologist Dr. J. Tyl (Czech Republic - 2001). He is a “Samaritan” (First Aid Training) in the Hellenic Red Cross (2004). He was trained in Hypnosis, NLP and Time-Line Therapy by David Shepard (London - 2005), and by Andreij Slavinski in Customized Brainwave Training CD’s through Audiovisual stimulation (Poland - 2006).

Helen Zampetaki


Helen Zampetaki is a Mental Health Counselor, after following studies in clinical psychology in Italy and synthetic counseling in Greece. Her spiritual path began from adolescence through philosophy, religions and literature and passed through the art of cinema and writing. She attends seminars of personal development and transpersonal analysis. In her psychotherapeutic approach, she integrates Gestalt, art therapy and Psychsynthesis, always looking for new ways and paths for healing and metamorphosis.

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